Children born abroad of a Bolivian parent have the right to obtain Bolivian citizenship.

This condition is formalized through registration of the minor before a Bolivian consular representation.


  1. Original Birth certificate or legalized photocopy of the minor. This document has to be authenticated by the secretary of state.
  2. The presence of parents.
  3. The Bolivian parent must be present with their Bolivian identity card or passport, even if its expired.
  4. Non-Bolivian parent must be present carrying a valid national passport.
    1. If the non-Bolivian parent cannot be present at the Consulate, he or she must give consent to register the minor through a notarized letter and copy of foreign passport.
  5. The minor must be present (if minor more than 12 years of age).
  6. Three (3) color photographs of the child, 2 "x 2", background white (if minor more than 12 years of age).



Registration for Dual Citizenship for Minors Form